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‘hai’ lights


In the late ’90’s during a professional artists’ workshop I began researching ways to expand my work, to push beyond the boundaries of my artistic practice, primarily painting, to come up with new ways of mark making. I challenged myself to do so with only the most basic materials… rice paper and glue.



I had always ‘seen’ the possibilities of outdoor installations for this work and was inspired to write a proposal to do so for a winter residency in Finland in 2016. When that opportunity fell through, I found a way to make the piece anyway, on a wide open plateau in the Blaeberry Valley in BC.


drawn to respond: ‘hai’ lights on the road

Since seeing how the rice paper and wire collages responded outdoors in nature, I began to see them everywhere…on the prairies, in fields, along cliffs, hanging in the forest, floating on water, spiralling up hills, down in valleys, along rivers…