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‘hai’ lights : labyrinth

Blaeberry Valley Golden BC 2016-17

I had always ‘seen’ the possibilities of outdoor installations for this work and was inspired to write a proposal to do so for a winter residency in Finland in 2016. When that opportunity fell through, I found a way to make the piece anyway, on a wide open plateau in the Blaeberry Valley in BC –

‘hai’lights : labyrinth.

Realizing that piece was a creatively liberating experience on so many levels. Free from the constraints of deadlines, curator’s expectations / ‘themes’, commercial considerations and space restrictions, a new and exciting area of investigation opened up for me.

Using the environment as canvas, mark making in space, the transient nature of the work/process, the surprises, the potential of this unique expression, are all aspects of this inquiry that I love working with.

read more about this experience here :https://bornonthe263.com/2020/12/17/4-years-ago/