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In the late ’90’s during a professional artists’ workshop I began researching ways to expand my work, to push beyond the boundaries of my artistic  practice,  primarily painting, to come up with new ways of mark making. I challenged myself to do so with only the most basic materials…rice paper and glue. What emerged from this exploration were these beautiful paper collages –
little divisions of space, light and shadow.
Initially I hung them from the ceiling and referred to the work as ‘the path’.

‘the path’ apriori Studios Vancouver BC 1996

However it wasn’t until 10 years later, when  Eric Cameron insisted that I find a way to include the piece for the ‘Sublime” exhibition that he was curating, that I discovered piano wire as a means of installing the collages. Only then did the full potential of the work begin to reveal itself.

‘hai’ lights Triangle Gallery, Calgary AB 2007

Inspired by a note that my buddhist teacher and mentor, R. Gyō-zō Spickett, wrote after viewing the piece in my studio, I began to refer to the work as ‘hai’ lights  (hī-lites).

Gyo-zo note