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I don’t really consider myself a photographer – rather I use photography as a way to enter the world I find myself in.
A camera reveals intimate details –
it sees what the naked eye cannot.
The camera records another level of seeing –
The camera witnesses my installation and painting processes –
With the following series of photographs I use it to record my seeing –

These photos represented a return to photography for me. I had stopped taking classes after my second year of university. I liked the spontaneity and surprises of taking photos, but found the technical aspects limiting and the process too removed from direct experience. So except to document my work I stopped taking photos.

Fast forward 20 years and the arrival of the ‘point and shoot’ camera in the marketplace – still analogue at that point, but simple, direct, spontaneous shooting, perfect for me, someone who wanted to use a camera as a tool for insight and inspiration.

The following series of photos were taken while I was living in Northern Saskatchewan, reacquainting myself with the landscape of my youth – seeing through new eyes from a new place on the timeline of my life –

I have never had the opportunity to show them publicly the way that I imagined them – frameless, life size, floating slightly off the wall side by side creating a path – inviting the viewer on a walk through a part of the world most will never see, from a point of view most wouldn’t think to consider.

These are a select few from the many in these series

Enjoy the walk



All images / text ©  Louise Pagé  2021