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“jardins de la nuit”

You pay attention to the world differently at night –

Darkness demands attention – the world is less specific, more out of focus, the source of light varies, you see what is immediately in front of you or whatever is most lit – motion sensors and moonlight –

After spending the better part of 3 years making large work, I took a break and sat down with a drawing board to begin a series of conversations with mat board, pencil, acrylic, graphite and cherry wood.

I was inspired by an experience I’d had years earlier when I took a contract delivering newspapers, walking through posh Vancouver neighbourhood gardens in the middle of the night, invisibly wandering the streets along with the coyotes and skunks and racoons –

I wanted to capture that shared space, that intimate experience of passing through each other’s lives unseen – sharing the night –

witnessing the transition from darkness to dawn together –

I share a few from the dozens that I made –


‘jardins de la nuit’         1997           acrylic, graphite on mat board