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Heart Series

The first time I ‘glimpsed’ the heart painting back in the late ’90’s I had no idea how to make it happen. At first I wasn’t even sure what I was looking at. What was clear however was that there would be 12 large panels that would form  a circle/spiral around the room where they would be installed, each one hi lighting different aspects of the heart.

It felt overwhelming. I made some quick sketches and notes, then started researching, writing, investigating everything heart related from all angles –  physical, medical, emotional, spiritual – collecting heart sayings, heart stories,  heart rocks, heart shapes in the natural world. 

Every now and then over the years as new insights came to light, I would consider starting it, until I realized that there was no way I could physically paint this piece the sizes I was seeing, so I began to investigate how could I achieve the scale otherwise.

In the fall of 2018 I spent 6 weeks at the Banff Center for Arts and Creativity particiapating in a residency, exploring possibilities and process, I wanted to figure this out or let it go. I was pleasantly surprised with some of what happened. Projection opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. Once I saw how it worked I knew that I could finally move forward to make this piece – but there’s a long way to go still –
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I think of these images as sketches – snapshots of possibilities – a working out of how to put it all together – they help bring clarity and focus, a deeper understanding of not just what the heart is, but what it represents in our world.
I think of it as an energetic exploration of what keeps us alive, of what makes life and love possible –
Here’s a peak –