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I never aspired to be a gallery or commercial artist – to making work to hang on a wall – although I have done that. My tendencies leaned towards making large-scale work, creating visual experiences in alternate environments. I make bodies of work then look for a place to exhibit. I get an idea and it consumes me until I get it out of my head and into the world making the vision visible –

The prevalence of theme based and curator driven exhibitions over the years left little room for my work within conventional cultural institutions. In 1995, in response to this trend I created an Open Studio event out of my Vancouver studio at 1000 Parker St along with other participants in the building. Each year we invited other artist studio buildings to join in. This event is now known as the Eastside Culture Crawl. It was a way to invite the public into our studios and our process, educating them about the importance of creative pursuits, maintaining control over what we exhibited and how, as well as keeping all the profits from work sold, increasing our income and our independence.

Louise Pagé


University Education

Master of Fine Arts,  painting University of British Columbia,  Vancouver, BC 1990
Bachelor  of Fine Arts,  painting   University of Calgary,  Calgary, AB    1980


‘silence, awareness, existence’   artist residency  Arteles   Finland   January 2019
BAiR   artist residency   Banff  Center for Arts and Creativity   Banff  AB    2018
Painting / sculpture workshop    George Ketterl    Vancouver, BC    1996
Early childhood education degree    Langara College,    Vancouver, BC   1991
Emma Lake professional artist workshop    Peter Bradley    John Link    1986

Some of the places where my work has been shown :

‘hai’ lights : great sandhill dunes   
Invisible Dog Art Center  Brooklyn, NY    September 28th – October 10th 2021
finalist  ‘ Journeys’   international competition

‘the breath’    Invisible Dog Art Center   Brooklyn, NY     July 14th – 20th 2021
honorable mention  ‘Nature / Nurture’    international competition

‘hai’lights : labyrinth    Ki Smith Gallery New York, NY    March 17th – March 31st 2021
finalist in Art takes 2021 international competition

‘hai’ lights : Grindavik    Iceland    September 2019

‘hai’lights : koivu      Haukijärvi,  Finland    ‘silence awareness existence’     artists’ residency     January 2019

‘hai’ lights : kokku    Haukijärvi,  Finland    ‘silence awareness existence’     artists residency      January 2019

‘hai’ lights : BAiR    fall residency     Banff School of Fine Arts  Banff, AB     Sept 17th – October 20th 2018

‘hai’ lights : Equinox vigil   installation Union Cemetery   Calgary, AB       September 22nd 2018

‘hai’ lights : labyrinth     Blaeberry Valley Golden, BC     Dec 2016 – Feb 2017

‘Three definitions of the sublime’   Eric Cameron curator    Triangle Gallery Calgary, AB     Mar 22 – May 4 2007

U of C Alumni Exhibition    U of C Theatre,  Calgary, AB     Sept 2000

‘jardins de la nuit’     Amy’s on 2nd      Prince Albert, SK     May – Jul 2000

‘saisons de repos, saisons de rêves’ souvenirs de Saskatchewan’     Eastside Culture Crawl, Vancouver, BC    Nov 1999

‘les rêves des jardins d’hiver’     installation Eastside Culture Crawl Vancouver, BC     Nov 1998

Island Mountain Arts Instructor’s exhibition    Wells, BC    Jul 25 – Aug 10 1997

‘daydreams painted on a prairie sky : a meditation on beauty’      Open Studio Event   Vancouver, BC    Dec 1996

Work in Progress: Vancouver artists in their studios    Juried    Vancouver, BC       May 6 – 29 1994

‘réflections de mon esprit‘     MFA solo exhibition     Queen Elizabeth Theatre Gallery,  Vancouver, BC    Aug – Oct 1989

BC Artists at the Square ’88     Juried   Robson Square Media Centre,   Vancouver, BC       Jan 5 – Mar 6 1988

BFA Graduate Exhibition      Nickel Arts Museum    Calgary, AB     Apr 28 – May 21 1979

Nickel Arts Museum Opening Exhibition     Juried     Nickel Arts Museum    Calgary AB     Jan 12 – Feb 25 1979

Professional associations

CARFAC National
Copyright Visual Arts (CARCC)


Spirit Matters : Ron (Gyo-Zo) Spickett Artist, poet, lay priest     Geoffrey Simmins        2009     ISBN 1700-9995      pages 188-189
Three definitions of the sublime     Eric Cameron   2007    ISBN 978-0-9783176-0-7